Oculoplasty Surgery

Best Oculoplasty surgeon in Ahmedabad

Oculoplasty is the term used to describe corrective, aesthetic, and reconstructive eye surgery. Best in class oculoplastic surgeons are required for oculoplasty surgery. Different eyelid, orbital, and lacrimal system problems are treated with Oculoplasty Surgery in Ahmedabad. The accompanying structures around the eyes, such as the lacrimal system, eyelashes, and eyelids, are also operated on during oculoplasty surgery by the surgeons.

The major and recognised causes of developing any anomaly in ocular appendages include congenital, trauma, idiopathic, ageing, and subsequent to any disorders. Watering, post-traumatic ecchymosis (bluishness of the eye), painful or painless swelling of the eyelids, and protruding mass from the eyelids are common symptoms.

Best oculoplasty surgeon in Ahmedabad

The services provided by Aashi Oculoplasty include eyelid and eyebrow care (eyelid malpositions, ptosis eyebrow abnormalities- Trichiasis, distichiasis, blepharoplasty, eyelid tumour), orbit care (orbital tumours, orbital fractures), lacrimal system care (any blockage in the pathway of tears), and oculoplasty surgeries (ptosis correction, dacryocystorhinostomy. With the newest technology and state-of-the-art facilities, the best oculoplastic surgeons provide the most successful Oculoplasty surgery in Ahmedabad.

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