Ptosis Surgery

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Regarding Ptosis

The upper eyelid drooping or dropping is known as ptosis, also known as blepharoptosis. When a person’s muscles are fatigued from staying up later, the drooping could be exacerbated. Although the phrase “lazy eye” is occasionally used to describe this disorder, it really refers to amblyopia.

Who is the best medical professional to treat ptosis?

An ophthalmologist is the best medical professional to see if you have bilateral ptosis.

What steps comprise the process?

The best course of action for drooping eyelids is typically surgery. To improve your eyesight and looks, the surgeon will strengthen your levator muscles so they can raise your eyelids with less effort. When levator muscles are weak and the condition is really bad, the best ptosis surgeon in Ahmedabad will attach the eyelid behind the brow.

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