Paediatric Eye Care and Refractive solution

Refractive error or the need for glasses is the single most important cause of vision impairment in children. It is important to detect them and treat early. A Refractive error is caused when the focus of the eye is disturbed.

The most common refractive errors are:

  • Myopia (also called nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (also called farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism (distorted vision)

It is possible to have two or more types of refractive error at the same time.

The treatment includes proper corrective glasses and contact lenses.

In children, Myopia progression can be controlled with special drops or glasses.

Advanced treatment options include Lasik/PRK, Custom Lasik, Presbyopic Laser,(ICL) Implantable Contact Lens .

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